La importancia de Medir el CO2 en espacios cerrados

Measuring CO2 and maintaining good air quality is essential to prevent the spread of coronavirus aerosols in enclosed spaces. Carbon dioxide meters have already become indispensable to avoid risks in terms of people's well-being and health.

Measure CO2 in indoors

Did you know that there should be a CO2 meter in all indoor spaces where different groups of people live together? CO2 meters have become a very important tool for measuring CO2 in times of COVID-19.

The simple fact of knowing the particles per million of CO2 in the environment will indicate the need to ventilate the room we are in or not, thus reducing the risk of contagion. Indoor spaces with poor ventilation are very dangerous nowadays. Most infections occur through aerosols.

When someone coughs, talks or even breathes, they release small respiratory drops into the surrounding air. The smallest of these droplets can hang suspended for hours, and there is strong evidence that it can carry live coronaviruses if the person in question is infected.

The WHO and experts have already indicated this route of diffusion as one of the most important.

"The effort dedicated to cleaning the surfaces must now be reserved for ventilation to eliminate the virus from the air, so that you do not breathe it and do not get infected"

several authoritative sources affirm on the subject.

CO2 measurement with Dioxcare

Having CO2 meters such as Dioxcare to ensure good quality of the air we breathe is of vital importance.

The spread of the virus could be slowed by such tools.

Get a Dioxcare CO2 meter immediately and start monitoring CO2 levels in the environment to reduce the risk of contagion in closed spaces. Contact our sales team and we will advise you without compromise.

Dioxcare can be installed in all types of spaces: schools, offices, homes, public spaces, bars, restaurants, etc.