The DIOXCARE PDF CO2 meter detects carbon dioxide in the environment in real time with high accuracy through its high precision NDIR sensor manufactured in Europe (SenseAir S8) based on the principle of absorption of infrared light sources. It also measures humidity and temperature.

Through the integrated data extraction module, the measurements can be exported as PDF files to a computer or tablet for viewing and analysing the measurement history.

Dioxcare is designed for any type of enclosed space:

Schools, offices, public spaces, hospitality, homes, clinics, etc.

Thanks to its design and compact size, Dioxcare is a fully portable device with a maximum autonomy of 24 hours. It can be used all the time connected to the mains if the user wishes. The device comes with a padded carrying case for easy transport.

The Dioxcare CO2 Meter is automatically calibrated making it virtually maintenance free. The user can quickly and easily perform a manual calibration if desired at any time.

It is very intuitive to use and thanks to its 3.2" LED display the user can easily view the information at all times.

The options menu offers various settings such as programming the measurement interval, setting an audible alarm when CO2 levels exceed the set limits and being able to take the necessary measures at any time. Ad